Tips On The Simplest Ways To Finish What You Start!

How many of us get caught up starting something but not finish it? Does that sound familiar? I know it does with me. I mean we all have done it at some point in our lives right? so here are a few pointers to help alleviate that problem and should hopefully help you knuckle down on the most important pointers throughout the process.

Before starting any task, be picky! – Enough times have we started something with no actual direction, just to do something, or keep ourselves feeling like we’re doing something! I’d say STOP! Start on something you enjoy working on. Do something that makes you want to get up and get cracking straight on to it! The reason being is the more you do something that you enjoy, the more you are likely to complete it. You want to start something you’re eager to finish. Not just to get it out the way, but because you enjoy it that much you don’t see where the time has gone, and before you know it, its done and out the way!

Secondly, think of the supplies you would need. This is so you know what you would need and avoid any unexpected surprises later. I mean you wouldn’t want to start baking a cake without flour now would you. Oh, the amount of times I have been a victim of that. I always used to leave certain things, sometimes it would be the paper cases for cupcakes, sometimes the butter, many times the vanilla essences. I mean it helps you stay organised and relaxed that you have all you need and so you just need to focus on the task at hand.

Another important thing you should take into consideration is your time and energy on certain projects. Allocate your time and all your efforts in all the right places. Make it so that you get other tasks done in time, leaving you to focus on this particular task properly. Therefore, allowing yourself to complete it in a timely manner and be able to focus on the next goal.

One of the most pushing pieces of advice I had always heard was to stop being a stickler because the truth of the matter is, whatever it is that you are daunting yourself with, it wouldn’t matter in the long run. What I mean by that is that sometimes we get so stuck into a certain thought or task, and we sit there obsessing over it, and we just can’t seem to move past it. We procrastinate. Heaps. I do it all the time. But what we need to realise is that its not all that bad. We don’t need to perfect it. Just let it happen. It turns out okay in the end. Just smile and enjoy the ride. (:

I, alongside many others would say to really complete a task, and to really accomplish it, you need to be able to commit to it. Not just tell yourself you need to do this, but really mean it from within. Tell yourself that no matter what happens, this task has to be done by this time, and commit yourself to a schedule. Its the hardest thing to do. I promise you, I know, but its so worth it in the end. When you’ve done it and you can step back and take a breath you’ll be glad you’ve finished it and feel that sense of accomplishment.

Understand your end goal. This is important because when you’re not really feeling like doing it, and you don’t want to pick up your laptop, or get your gym gear on and hit the gym, envision your end goal and when you don’t feel inspired, remember why you’re doing what your doing. Allow yourself to indulge in the feeling of the end goal. Imagine how you’d feel once you’ve gained your degree, or your summer body, or even a certain amount of followers on instagram. whatever it is, remember the vision, why your doing it, and embrace the feeling of the end product.

Another one of the most important things to remember is to use the route that you enjoy. What I mean by this is to work on your task the way YOU want to. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, or how you’re doing it, its your responsibility to change the direction of the journey. You can’t give the wheel to somebody else and expect them to come up with the same result that you want. You have to work for it, so do it in a way that you like – enjoy the process.

Keep a track of your progress! I cannot stress this enough. Ever since I started using calendars and schedules, ever since I started writing things down and checking things off, I’ve seen a massive improvement in completion. I tend to finish everything that I write down and when I look back at the process I realise that not only is it a great way to track your progress and see what your excelling and where you’re not quite hitting it, but also it allows you to understand the measures that you need to take to maybe do it better next time. Remember, if there is a way to measure, there is most definitely a way for improvement!

I love this one! Commemorate your achievements till date! Yes! Celebrate! Be it small or big, accept that you have done it, and enjoy it! I think that if you congratulate yourself for the milestones in the process your more likely to enjoy it and therefore push yourself to go bigger and better. Its the best!

The last thing I’d touch up on is if its not going how you planned, do not continue to force it. Take it easy. If its still not working out, let it go. Don’t get stuck on it thinking I’ve spent this much time, or money on it. Start on something else. I’m emphasising on this a lot, because I had previously done that but I realised that it was useless because I wasn’t enjoying it, and spending more money, or paying more attention to it wasn’t getting me anywhere other than failing at it. So its okay, pick yourself up, and work on the next big thing. Find something you enjoy and work everything you have into it. Don’t stress too much on whats gone, or lost. Just keep moving forward. Its pretty ironic, as i’m typing this, Destiny’s Child “Im A Survivor” comes on in the background and I’m thinking hell yeah! Thats me! LETS DO THIS! MY TIME TO SHINE BABY!

Anyway, thats enough from me today. I think thats enough bossing around from me. I just hope that you all benefit from the pointers above as much as I have been over the last couple of months. I have and will continue to follow these steps to help myself stay on track and complete my goals. Most importantly to grow. Here’s to a blessed and prosperous new year! For all our hopes and dreams to come true with all our hard work. Remember, nothing worth having comes easy. We’ve got to work ourselves to the max to gain the best! So lets do this! Lets get it! (:

“Absorb What Is Useful, Reject What Is Useless, Add What Is Specifically Your Own” – Bruce Lee

Until then, Keep Smiling Beautiful People! (:


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