So I mean lets be honest… What The Living Hell Is Happening? How can this happen? Why? What the hell? I don’t like this. These restrictions are doing my head in. Okay, phew. Now that that’s all out my system its time to think about how to use this time more wisely to really help us make the best of the situation. Lets be honest. The situation sucks, but that doesn’t mean we as people should suck too? Why do we take news so badly that could potentially benefit us. What I mean by this is we are so used to just taking information in and then just screwing it up and throwing it in our mental dustbins?

As COVID-19 is pretty much demanding we stay indoors as much as we can so why not engulf the idea of an uncomplicated life, and see this as an opportunity to really knuckle down and target the positivity, productivity and just really get stuck in with completing all those things that we have been putting off. We spend so much time outside of the house, how about we start looking at ways to really simplify our life indoors. This way we don’t always have to feel like we have to stay outside to be entertained. Sometimes the best kind of peace and fun is found within your own home, with your family. If you want to know more about what you can do to stay positive during this Coronavirus “lockdown”, then just keep on reading..


Yes, the project that keeps snarling at you every time you look at it. Snarl right back and tell it your coming for it. it all begins with that first action. Everything else falls into place. Step by step, before you know it you will be enjoying the brand new room that you have just painted, but didn’t even think you could start it, let alone complete it. The feeling of having completed the task and seeing the beauty would and should inspire you to continue working on different things that you have been putting off. If you live with people, how about making it a task for you all to do together. Enjoy each others company and get it done in half the time! Bonus!


You know that area in your home that keeps on giving? Getting messier and messier as the days go on? Yes, that one. Get cleaning. Deep cleaning is so annoying and sometimes very time consuming, but the rewarding feeling once it has been cleaned cannot compare to any other. Walking by it and thinking, ‘yes, that was all me, I cleaned you honey’ and grinning your face off as you notice how people would look at you weirdly if you ever said that aloud. What I’m trying to say is that when you’re just sitting there bored out of your brains, go get the cleaning supplies, and get scrubbing. Plus, you’ll lose a couple of pounds while your at it, the job just keeps on giving right? 😉


Whether it is a good ol’ bake or a feast of a lifetime. Get sasssy in the kitchen. Try out those things that you would tell yourself you’d do on the weekend because it just wouldn’t work around you’re usual work schedule. Just do it! I know ingredients a little difficult to purchase at the moment, but if you see something that you know you’d need for a certain recipe then by all means pick it up. Some ingredients are just essential you know? 😉 Go ahead, bake that loaf of bread, that cake. Try out something new. Its better when you try things from scratch and random ingredients you have in your kitchen. Just bang and it all together and see the beauty of your experiment. The taste. The glory. Its like one of my friends I was talking to yesterday (you know who you are), She felt like she received a medal for baking. The excitement, the happiness and being satisfied with the end product, its all worth it. and if it doesn’t turn out that good, who cares, just try again, its not like you’ve got anywhere to go (pun intended).


I’m sure the boredom of not being able to do anything ‘fun’ is really striking people. So I say lets take it back to when we were kids, heck, if you you’ve got kids, learn from them! Watch them. They find happiness in the most smallest things. Playing with a ball. Imagining superheroes on the end of pencils. I mean theres no limit as to what you can do when you just think and imagine. Now i’m not saying start flying superhero pencils around the house (theres no shame in admitting if you did, I would ;)) but get out your arts and crafts kit. If you don’t actually have a kit, then just a get a pen and paper. Start drawing. Brush up on your origami skills, pull out the old paint brush and start painting. Have a face paint contest? I mean theres plenty of things you could do when you think about it. And if you don’t have any ideas, just ask a child. They have the BEST ideas. or google. Choice is yours.


So you’ve been meaning to call a particular person for a while now. but you’ve never got round to it. Busy schedule or just because you know that its going to be a very long conversation, so you never had the time to make that call. Or maybe you just know that its going to be a emotionally draining call and so the best thing was to avoid it. I say pick that phone up and get straight to it. Place all your attention on that call, the person on the other side, make them feel like you really want to have that conversation. Because you do. Its been in the back of your head for a while now, and for whatever reason, you didn’t make that call, you now have nothing to do, and have all the time in the world to just chat or work through some issues. Listen to them, for however long, and talk to them, for however long you need to as well. This my friends, is the actual use of a telephone/mobile phone. The conversation that matters. You never know how much that person may have needed to talk to you, or even yourself. You probably didn’t even know you had that much to say. Just making them a priority for that moment, may just help you as well as them, so just do it. Help them. Help yourselves. You may never know what kinds of memories you may dig up together and have a good old laugh. A good weapon against depression and sadness. Laughter.


Our busy schedules usually mean not spending much time with the family as we may want to. Spending that good quality time usually really helps the bonding of the family and pushes away any drifts you may have had. It may well be a good time to just get everyone together and talk about the things that are happening and raise any concerns you may have. Sometimes as we spend more time outside, we don’t realise but we just don’t feel as close as we probably would have at some point in our lives. If not done properly, life could really get in the way of a really good family bond. You’ve witnessed marriages drift apart, children growing up really fast. Show everybody the love that you would not get to show when you are out working. Put away all electronics that connect you to the outside world, and play games. Talk to each other. Enjoy each others playful loving, but crazy company. Just doing the smallest things in this time of crazy, could help you all become that bit closer. We can hope.


As the world outside spins out of control, bless yourself with your own company. Tilt into the carriage of silence and serenity. Where you are able to control the tone of your environment. Take things into your own hands and switch off the noise. You have the option to stop listening to the news 24/7. As much as its good to be informed about whats happening on the outside, sometimes its not vital to intake and preoccupy yourself with every hypothetical and worst-case scenario. Nowhere am I say that we should all just bury our heads in the sand, reducing the gravity of the COVID-19 issue but a lot of the things that we fear mostly gives our minds the capacity to overthink and cause an impact on our health. Protect your mind, fill it with positivity, encouragement, allow yourself to pray and meditate. Really give yourself the chance to form a habit of enforcing gratitude into your life. Breathe. Smile. Accept the reality as it is and understand that this too shall pass.


You’re sitting around the house not doing much. So lets take this time contemplate and determine where we are in life. Start to determine the things you could do when you could change when life returns to its normal state.. whatever that is. Goal setting is very important as it helps you feel accomplished when you have completed the task. In turn, making you feel better about yourself. Keep smiling, have faith. Better days are yet to come!

I hope you found this piece of some help. Let me know what helped you the most and what you would like me to write about in the future! (:

“Knowing Thyself Is The Height Of Wisdom” – Socrates



  1. Quaran-sistaaa
    10 April, 2020 / 7:25 pm

    For some of us social bees, yes this is a depressing time. However, house work and little home improvements are forever ending so theres a million things on the to-do list finally getting checked off.
    Getting into week three, it has been difficult. I can imagine for those who suffer with anxiety or other mental health issues it can be tough. Especially if your in relationships or missing close family and friends, this has been a challenging time to make things work.
    Prayer, yoga and workouts have helped. Hopefully, we will be back to normal soon and heres to staying positive!

    • N o s h e e n
      10 April, 2020 / 11:17 pm

      I completely agree! It must be a difficult time for those who do not have anyone around them. May the Lord make it easy for them. And if we know anyone, we should reach out every now and again to check up on them.

      Thats just it, keeping ourselves busy till this is over.

      Thank you for having a read and leaving a marvellous comment (: xx

  2. omer
    10 April, 2020 / 11:47 pm

    nosh well done mate good blog keep it up 🙂

    • N o s h e e n
      10 April, 2020 / 11:51 pm

      Why thank you kind sir! (:
      Stay Safe!

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