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Hello Friends!

Its been a while, I know!

But I’m back with a recent trip I made to the Netherlands.

So I mean this trip has been pretty fun & adventurous. Something different.  I mean we’ve been going there since we were kids. My aunty lives there so we’ve always had the privilege to go spend the summer, Christmas or any holiday for that matter. My parents always took us out there and we’ve created some really good memories in the Netherlands.  

This time round I went with my sister and aunty. My sister didn’t have holidays over Christmas and so she decided to go and asked me if I wanted to join her. Ofcourse I wasn’t going to say no, so out I went. 

– Day 1 –

Outward Journey BHX –> AMS


This time around we actually went all out in terms of travel. If we were going via an aeroplane somebody usually drops us off at the airport but this time we actually travelled from the train station to the airport. Which was pretty fun if I may say so myself. We left for Birmingham New Street, and then caught a train to Birmingham Airport.

Our flight was in the afternoon and so we had a little bit of time to kill so we went to the food area and of course we had to sit down for a munch. I had my classic Cheese & Onion Toast. YUM! Just before we had finished our little lunch break the boarding gates were revealed and off we went again with our luggage to the departure gate. I think enjoyed the run about within the airport most. Yes, I know, I’m weird! haha. Anyway, we boarded our flight, and because it was a “local” flight, it was terribly small. We couldn’t even fit our hand luggage in the cabin storage!

Anyway, after an hour and twenty minutes we landed in Amsterdam. Now of course that wasn’t our final destination, we still had to travel to Rotterdam. So there we go, running through the platforms to get the next train to Rotterdam. Upon arriving, we were hungry, so of course, on the way home we had to pick up a takeaway, muhaha! a nice mixed grill with nan, some rice and curry. oooft. what can I say?! So we ended the night with a takeaway and some Christmas movies. lol (I know, it was mid November, some will say thats too early, but I love them! I just couldn’t help it!



– Day 2 –



So you’d expect that once you’re on holiday, you’d be exploring and finding places to visit. but nope, not us. we literally stayed home most of the day and literally just about went to the local supermarket to get food for the house. We went back home and just slumped on the sofa, all watching our own programmes on our own gadgets. I know. So antisocial right? but guess what, my aunty decided to feel sick so we had to go back out again. The truth was we were in two minds about going back out after the supermarket so we just stayed in.  Even though I wanted to go out. I felt as though we just let the day fly by and we didn’t do any exploring. Lets go for that walk?! HAHA. My deep desire to go out was fulfilled. Muahahaha! Even if it wasn’t in the best ways.





It was fairly cold and late but I didn’t mind. I like exploring at night. Its just slightly better because its night time. Everything. is. better. at. night. If I noticed one thing it was the street art. There is so much talent there. On pretty much every wall! I couldn’t help myself but stop every two minutes to whip my phone out and take a photo.  Its slightly creepy at night though. Even though everyone is friendly and just do their own thing. But because it was dark, and barely anyone was around, the atmosphere was really quite and eerie. Then as you can imagine, there’s me stopping and kneeling down every time I wanted to take an image. I almost had a bike run into me because he didn’t see me on the floor getting that perfect angle. it was only when I stood up he got a little bit of a shock and pushed the brakes a little giving me the eye. hehe.




– Day 3 –

Midlandstraat & Bowling

By this time in the week we all just sat there looking at each others faces like what the heck is going on. Over breakfast, which mind you, ended up being Brunch seeing as we were eating around 12/1pm, we were actually laughing at the fact that we actually haven’t done ANYTHING since we’ve been there. I mean I felt a little like. Oh. My. God. I need something to post on instagram, I need to have something to talk about on my blog, but there was nothing. We had done nothing. SO we finally managed to decide on things to do over the few days we had left. I get that relaxing when your on holiday is a good thing and everyone needs it, but I just wanted content. haha. Anyway, came late afternoon time, after our late breakfast, we managed to get ready and head out to this street close by. They have lots of different shops, small shops, which had pretty much everything. They even had Mcdonalds & Subway! I’m sure you know where our daily stops were! (;
We just spent time looking around, shopping and then went home. We decided that wasn’t enough and that we need to do something else so we decided to go bowling in the evening. the bowling joint was pretty retro. Dok 99 was the name. It wasn’t your normal Hollywood Bowl. It was a small, cozy bowling alley with a little bar and restaurant. We really enjoyed our evening there, bowling away! It was different. It was pretty chilly, but we checked the time in which the tram would get to us and we realised it would have been the time that we would have walked home in. We were not prepared to wait in the cold. We got home and had the best mini banana choux buns, watched films and hit the sack.


– Day 4 –

Madurodam Miniture City & Scheveningen Beach

THIS WAS OUR FIRST ACTUAL EXPLORING DAY! and damn was I excited! I mean we’ve been there once before, but I was tiny then, I couldn’t remember half the things I seen. So it was pretty exciting. Madurodam is pretty much a miniature park. it has small replicas of well-known dutch landmarks. It ranges from the well known Amsterdam Airport, to the windmills of the dutch lands. From fields of tulips to canal houses. From the Erasmus bridge, to the Central train station. I mean it literally is a miniature land. Everything looks so realistic, its unbelievable. and what gets me most is the fact that someone out there actually had an idea to come up with this. The thought of creating a miniature scale of all that we see around us. From the colours to the sizes. I mean its pretty amazing to think how our brains work and to what extent? anyway, thats a discussion for another time. hehe. Coming back to this, Seriously, if you guys ever find yourself in the Netherlands, you really should check this place out. They even have bits you can play with, like putting out a fire by pumping water over to the boat on fire.

There was this cool place where you can move cargo containers using these panels like in an arcade. There was this other area where you could create your own music, it was a little like you were the DJ to a crowd of party people. By pressing buttons you could bring in a drum instrumental, another button brings in a guitar, you could physically make the people dance by rotating the plate. I mean, I’m sure you can image where most of my time was spent. The kid within just flew right out and worked its magic. The whole experience was amazing. The weather wasn’t too bad either, we had sunny spells which made the park look a lot brighter and interesting. You must be thinking if they spent that much time having fun, when did they eat right? I mean these are people of food?! Well that my friends, is the perfect question.. Truth was, we ate as soon as we got there. We made our way over to the Cafe, indulged in some pizza and chips and then went and enjoyed the park.. and if that wasn’t enough, we ate some more when we went to the beach. muahaha.

Our next stop was the Scheveningen Beach. It was pretty late in the afternoon, almost evening, but we thought we’re in the area so we might as well visit the beach now. The funny thing is, once we got off the tram in the area, my aunty forgot the way to the beach. But ofcourse, as we’ve been there quite a lot ourselves, I directed us there without google maps. Damn was that a proud moment. Anyway, we had a nice stroll through the beach, in the cold, went to mcdonalds and grabbed another meal haha. Yes, all we did was eat on this trip! We watched the sun set, and returned back home for a cozy night in front of the screen.

– Day 5 –


Our fifth day consisted of travels to Euromast. Euromast is basically one of the highest towns in Holland. With the spectacular height of 185 meters you’re able to look down at the landscape around Rotterdam. We decided to go in the evening time so that we could watch the sunset, but we got there slightly later, so we watched the last 5 minutes of the sun setting. It was absolutely beautiful. I was ecstatic. My adrenaline levels were at an all time high and I was just loving being up there. I have a thing for views, especially city views, or field views. I just love watching the world wake/sleep. I know, I’m weird, but I think I’m okay with that now.. its all good. I mean there’s nothing wrong with people watching other people sleep with a creepy grin on their face. haha. No I mean I like the ‘concrete jungle’ look, I like being up high, and being able to watch little cars moving, or tiny humans walking. Just the feeling of flying like a bird and having everything from a birds eye view. Its extraordinary. Anyway, moving on. It was cold. and when your that high up, its extra cold. My eyes water in the cold generally, so being up there felt like I had icicles on my face. but it was worth it. I didn’t mind at that moment in time, I guess it was the adrenaline. Then there was a chance to climb higher and I was like. yup thats my cue. The higher we got, the smaller everything looked, and by this time, everything was dark, and you could just see the street lamps and car lights. Its just surreal. Oh yeah, and they let us go in this thing that twists around, you can sit in it, and its starts to go even higher and twists at the same time. It lets you see a full 360° view of Rotterdam and talks to you about all the different areas that are known for something. It was an insightful event. ha.




































After all of that excitement, ofcourse we needed food in our system, a blanket wrapped around us and a hot drink in hand.. well for me it was icecream. Yes, I have ice-cream in the cold. I even have it in the snow. YUM! and some kind of Christmas movie on screen. Aaah, a perfect way to end the evening! (:







– Day 6 –


So basically, on this morning everyone decided there was no point in going early because the shops are open till late on Thursday. So again we had a late breakfast and left for Amsterdam mid afternoon. Honestly speaking, we did nothing interesting there. We literally just went for shopping. We went to a few shops and just wanted to eat. haha. We went through a few shops then made our way to this Indian/Pakistani restaurant. It was nice. Mixed grill, curries, naan, the lot. YUM! take me back. hehe. There was this boat thing that took us across the canal/lake, and we caught some good sunset views. I think thats also another thing that really gets me in my feels. like just the sun setting behind the buildings and the world getting ready to relax. Well most of the world anyway. hehe. Not for us, we were shopping. haha. Anyway, we literally just shopped till we dropped. We were so tired by the end of it, we just wanted to go home. We just couldn’t walk anymore. I think we got home at like 1am that night. I think we all napped on the train ride back too!









































– Day 7 –

Rotterdam Centraal

We decided to spin the centre of Rotterdam last, just simply because its local and we pretty much know where everything was. We spent the morning and afternoon at home in our PJs, and head over towards the Centre mid-afternoon. Again, shopping was on the agenda. What you also need to understand is that I’m not much of a shopper. Like I like to buy things, and sometimes even go out to shopping centres to buy them, but only when I really need to. I mainly go out just for the sake of going out, not usually with the intention of buying anything. If I find something I like, fair enough. If not, its its okay, I got an outing. So we had a look at all the lovely Christmas lights and trees, went around the shops and  just chilled really. I mean we didn’t have a late night out like the night before, we just went with the flow and went home early to just snuggle up and watch TV and go to sleep ready for the flight back home tomorrow. My sister loves getting everything ready the night before if not weeks in advance and I’m the complete opposite, I would get everything ready in the morning. If not late the night before and I actually remember everything that I need. Whereas sometimes some people don’t pick up everything even if they planned weeks in advance. I think its because I have a list that I start collating when I remember, so I start putting things on the list and then when its time to leave I just pick everything up, put it in a bag and leave. Provided everything is still in the place I left it the last time I used it haha.



– Day 8 –

Flight Home

We had to wake up early on this day, being the last day we were awake and ready to leave by 10. We had to get the tram to Rotterdam Centraal, then a train to Amsterdam Airport. But as we got to the Centraal station we were told there were no trains going to Amsterdam and that we were going to have to take a train to another area and then take a bus from there to the airport. It was a good thing we left early because if we left any later, and had to get the train and switch over to the bus we would have definitely missed the flight. Anyway, once we got to the airport we had like 2 hours, if not more to get through and get to the boarding gate. But let me tell you this, the queue at customs was dead long. I mean it literally took us like over an hour to get through the queue and then get through customs. it was so tiring. We got out on the other end hungry, hehe, but we couldn’t get anything to eat because there was queues at all the food courts and we still had to walk like 15 minutes to the gate. Amsterdam airport is so big, and so long to travel in. We got to the gate in time but was thirsty as anything. We found a vending machine and it charged us £3 for a 500ml water bottle? £3?! I mean what is that? We bought it, as we were way too thirsty to argue with a machine haha and then just sat waiting to board. The plane arrived a little later than expected and we thought ‘we actually could have got food and ate by now’.

Anyway, when we got back to Birmingham airport, it was literally just a rewind of the start of the trip, getting a train back to Birmingham International and then back home. For at least 3/4 of the train ride home we were standing, I mean the train was packed. it was so bad. We were already tired from the whole airport fiasco, and then standing all the way back home was just a killer. As soon as we got back we went straight to a takeaway and just ate. Ate like no tomorrow. I mean we hadn’t eaten all day. I had kebabs, my mum and grandma had joined us by then and they had the typical fish and chips, and my sister had her noodles. So I mean we could say we were glad to be back to hitting our yummy food spots.



On the whole, I actually enjoyed the trip out there, there was a lot of relaxing, a little exploring and a lot of eating. haha. I would say it is a place to check out if you go to Europe, I really wanted to go to the cube houses, they’re literally cube houses which seem to be tilted but from the inside its just like walking straight into a room. On the outside the house house/room looks like its tilted forwards. Its actually pretty scared to look at, thinking what if you were inside there, and the room flipped like that. But I think that would be my next spot when I go again. Notice how I said ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ haha. I expect myself to go back, its just how it is.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about this trip just as much as I enjoyed travelling it. It is quite a read so I do apologise for babbling on a lot but I think I can blame it on being a newbie and just say that Im testing the blogging waters haha. If you do want to know anything else, feel free to leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you. Even if its something in particular you want me to blog about. I’ll give it a go. Thank you for taking your time out and reading this. I appreciate your support. (:

“Take Only Memories, Leave Only Footprints.” – Chief Seattle

Keep smiling beautiful people! (:


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