5 Top Workout Tips To Get Out of The Winter Rut!

So I mean recently things have been a little intense for me. Being a personal trainer holds some kind of responsibility and I haven’t quite been hitting it. I had let myself go and had never really picked myself back up. This meant that I was stuck in this downward spiral of not really caring and looking after myself, and just sticking to, or revisiting old habits that didn’t quite help. Potentially making things worse. Having said that, since I had been working at a gym I knew that it was an amazing job and was really fulfilling. Like helping other people achieve their fitness goals really helped me achieve mine. It was weird, because you’d think that being able to motivate others so well, you’d be able to help them. However, it was a little like this yin-yang effect. I couldn’t motivate myself, but in helping others achieve their goals, and push them past their breaking point, I was able to help myself. Watching their motivation, motivated me. But the truth is, today society dictates that you have to look a certain way in order to prove your value and your knowledge. Not to say I wasn’t getting clients. A lot of people would ask me if I was a Personal Trainer before I actually became one. But it was more to do with not being recognised as a PT because you looked a certain way. 
Sometimes it’s a little difficult to practise what you preach, but if you’re good at what you do, then surely it can be overlooked, right? I get it, some people ask the question, would you want to be trained by somebody like yourself? And in all honesty, I would. Not because of ego but because I would know that they understand the struggle. If they haven’t already been through it, they are going through it now. and that makes it more relatable. But nonetheless, I respect and understand everyone’s opinions and just would like to give myself that time to become the ‘role-model’ instead of just the talk. 

Having said that, here are 5 tips to really motivate you and get you moving this .. winter. If we can even call it that, seeing as its close enough to Spring now but we’re still facing storms?

1. It Is Life Saving – No, Really, It Is!

If nothing else, regular exercise can really reduce the the likelihood of you having major health issues in the future. Exercising can really help decrease the chances of you having problems like diabetes, heart disease and even certain cancers. Exercise works as a catalyst to prevent forthcoming issues. If for example you are facing a heart issue in the future, you performing 30-60 mins of exercise a day could really reduce the likelihood, as the energy created from the exercise in your system will release life saving hormones, the so called “happy hormones”. Endorphins, Dopamine and Serotonin are all examples of the human body doing what it does best! If you look after it, it will look after you. 

2. Little Stress and A Lot Happier Did You Say? 

Yes! Exercise is also known for its feel-good properties. I think I’ve mentioned this before but it is such a top reminder. Exercise has been known to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression and increase your mood positively. Just a single semi-intense session could really increase the chances of lowering your stress levels more efficiently. Its almost a drug in itself. As mentioned above, the hormones that one produces whilst training allows your body to feel much happier and positive, compared to when you don’t train. Many studies have shown that individuals who are fitter and work on themselves are a lot better at handling stress.

3. Who Says Only Milk Helps Strengthen Bones?

 bet you didn’t know this one! Exercise helps increase bone density. Things like hiking, playing ball, taking the stairs, running, or even walking can help increase bone density and decrease the chances of osteoporosis. A lot of us know that strength training can help build and maintain muscle mass. What we don’t know much about is the effects it has on our bones. You see, when we train and build muscle, it also has a knock on effect on our bones. Exercises that enable stress on our bones trigger the bone-forming cells into action. This ‘stress’ comes from weight training. When we are lifting our body weight, or pushing and pulling weights, our bones feel the heavy activity. This causes the bone cells to start forming stronger bones to help reduce fracture. Its quite amazing really. Almost as if they have a mind of their own. Having said all that, the free movement, the balance, the enhanced strength and stability really has a positive effect on us. It really boosts ones confidence in training and getting out there, making the most of life, fall-free, damage free. (:

4. Theres Always Time For A Workout!

Never say no! You always have time for a workout. Even if you are short on time, you can still get in a quick 10-15 minute workout which would be more effective than twiddling your thumbs. Something as simple as a quick walk or jog around the block has much more benefit than couch surfing. As much as we all like doing that (me first).

Quick exercises could include things like 15 mins skipping, 10 mins legs, bum & tum work outs, 10 mins arm workouts. The key is to focus on a particular muscle group and go to work. Get in a quick warm up to loosen those muscles and then depending on the amount of time you have, get straight into cardio or muscle training. If you’re okay for time, say 20-30 mins, you could get both cardio and muscle training in. Get in some HIIT! Get that heart pumping, get those muscles engaged and WORK like you’ve never worked before. If this doesn’t help you out the winter rut, I feel for you (but I’d still tell you to get up and do it).

5. Switch Up Your Routines!

One of the many great things about exercises is that you do not have to keep repeating the same thing! Infact, it’s best that you switch up your routine so that your body doesn’t get used to it, and still works those muscles out effectively. Get creative! The treadmill isn’t the only way forward. A combination of different workouts can include many different things from burpees to skipping. From mountain climbers to boxing, lunges to crunches, the ball is in your court. It is totally up to you. This also means that you have the privilege of being able to train ANYWHERE! Just remember to keep that heart rate up and build that strength. The aim of the game is to keep your body guessing what’s next, and when it doesn’t know, it has to compensate by forcing a bodily reaction to help keep a stabilised and a damage free vehicle (your body). In turn, improving your mental, emotional, and cardiovascular health at the same time. Heck, thinking about it on another level, exercise in a way helps with other general life skills. Skills like planning and scheduling the types of workouts your going to do, the time that your going to do it in and what you’re going to wear. It’s almost as if you’re conducting your own interview. Getting all the information and planning accordingly. I mean who thinks of that? I guess everything in life is a skill in itself, as we incorporate each skill to different aspects of life. It’s pretty amazing what the human body and mind is capable of doing!

Everything mentioned above is a way of helping you get out of the winter rut, and really make you apply yourself to this season. As much as we like lazing around with blankets and scoffing our face with chocolate (yes, I am guilty), exercise is always a great way to really pick yourself up and push past your boundaries. Soon enough you’ll realise the weather or the season doesn’t mean anything to your body because the maintenance of your body is a lot more important. Remember, the body doesn’t differentiate between seasons! Health and well-being is everything. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, it has been a little difficult to write as it is so close to home but it’s the best thing to do when challenged with fears. You face them. Let me know what you think and what kind of exercises you all do. 

“Take Care of Your Body. It’s The Only Place You Have To Live In.” – Jim Rohn


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