10 Habits To Really Organise Your Life!

People aren’t really organised by nature, well some may be, but for others it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to create healthy habits to stay organised. Don’t worry if you think you’re disorganised right now, this post is a little reminder that even you can become an organised bee, planning, organising, and doing all things great to be on your way to a new side of life. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean if you start doing this you’ll be this perfect being and have everything planned out. But lets just say with time and effort things will become a routine from which you probably would not look back. As long as you’re willing to learn, practice and not be too hard on yourself when things aren’t going the way you’d planned, you’ll be just fine! (:

Here are 10 tips to help kickstart an organised life:

1. Write Things Down

Writing things down helps us remember a lot better. When we write we actively use our brain which improves the likelihood of you remembering things. I mean i’m sure we know somebody who remembers everything.and yes, you could argue that some people are blessed with amazing memory and do not have to always write things down. But the truth of the matter is, physically having a pen and paper allows us to help ‘write’ things into our memory. I mean you could try and remember everything, but as you grow, you have more things to remember and it does get a lot more difficult to remember everything at once. You could always use your phone, I mean in todays day the digital world is soaring and so why not make use of the opportunity and write notes on your devices. If you have them at all times, you can always set reminder dates, which I find helpful. Start writing down everything! Be it your shopping list, meetings, birthdays everything. It will help keep things organised and memorable.

2. Make Schedules and Deadlines

I remember when I was younger my dad always used to rave on about making schedules. Always section your time, and mostly I never got it. I mean I thought I was this superhuman who could remember EVERYTHING in her head, why would I need to schedule? and the truth was, at that time, I could remember almost everything, but recently, not so much. I mean as we grow, theres more to do. Make our own food, wash the clothes, dry the clothes, grocery shopping, appointments, meetings, you name it. after all, there is only so much we can remember right.

Being organised allows us to be productive. It helps us stay onto of things and not sweat the small stuff. Anything that is important can and should be scheduled. Creating schedules for the day and upcoming week helps put things into perspective, and therefore, increases productivity. Make deadlines, set goals. Achieve what you want. Simple. Life is short, very short, make sure you’re doing something that enhances you. elevates you.

3. Don’t Procrastinate

We’ve all been there, done that. Some more than others. We’ve got an important deadline coming up, and we just sit there staring at the paper. Some of us are even a step ahead, we have a pen in our hands, but we’re still staring at the paper. It is said that the longer you put off something, the more harder it becomes. Don’t just sit there and think ‘Eh, I’ve got time to do this’, get it done! There will always be stress and demand in your life, but to make it a little easier for yourself, organise. Getting things done will help lift that weight off your shoulders. Think of something right now that you feel needs a little update in your life? Write it down. Now think of a time that you think you would be able to get this done and what you would need. Write that down as well. Better yet, if you think its time to jump into action and do it now, then go for it! Don’t think of anything else. Just do it. Stop procrastination in its tracks and reclaim your life!

4. Give Everything a Home

This is my favourite one! For years on end now I have been the most messiest person. Yes, I know. For some of you who know me personally would disagree. But I have been you’re typical teenager. I am guilty of leaving my plates next to my bed, my clothes all over the floor. My cupboards being a mess, to the point where you find the most random things that do not even belong there. I mean why? Surely it would be a lot easier having everything in its place and easily accessible? But nope. I guess deep down inside, you feel this weird but good feeling about leaving things scattered. Heck some even find things better. *What?!* I know.

Imagine you didn’t have a home, you didn’t know where you belong. It would be so much easier to be lost cus you wouldn’t know where you’re going. Where you fit. Similarly, part of having your life in order means keeping your things in order. Label your spaces. Make your storage spaces easy to access. If you have a cupboard (most of us do) USE IT! Hang things up, fold things in. Especially the things you use on a day to day basis. Don’t let these areas get cluttered. Help yourself by keeping your storage spaces organised.

Try this out: Find an area in your space which needs organising. If you’ve got things all over the place, then put the things similar to each other in a group. Once you’ve got through everything, give your grouped items their own ‘home’. If it helps, label them. Put your clothes in an order. Summer clothes one side, winter clothes the other. In the office, you could have a tray labelled plain paper, papers organised in a folder. Separate the different sections using dividers, and label each section. Group together all pens and place them in a pen pot or even a glass. The idea is to keep all the similar things together and in its place so that when you need something, you know where to find it and also, it looks neat. Just don’t forget to put things away once you’ve used them 😉

5. Declutter Regularly

Once you’ve got everything set in its place, then its making sure it stays that way. Yes, I’m relying on the fact that its going to get messy, heck you’re probably going to even have things that are meant for the kitchen in your pile of laundry (oh man) but its fine. As long as you find the time to just go over the space and reorganise. This can be as often as you like. I’d recommend weekly or fortnightly. Just simply because its easy when you organise so close together. When you leave a massive gap from the last time you decluttered, you’d notice it would take longer to do. So if its once a week, lets say it takes 30 minutes but if you leave it for 2 months, that 30 minute per week could potentially land you 4 hours if not more! I’d say, pull out those planners that you’ve invested in and schedule a time for the declutter process.

6. Keep Only What You Need

Yes, I know thats hard for some of us. but the simple fact is the more you have, the more clutter your bound to compile. Being organised means only keeping what you need. Or something that you really really can’t live without (yes, some of us still have sentimental items from years ago). It definitely helps save £££s trying to buy a storage unit to even a new home. Just get rid of things you don’t need. Heck, it would stop it from gaining dust, but would also allow you to admire what you do own and really value it. What you could try to do is write down the list of things you need and then another list of things that you possess, and if what you possess is more than what you actually need, then roll up yours sleeves honey, we gotta organise!

7. Know Where to Discard Items

I like this one. Knowing where to get rid of your items is a big thing. I mean imagine if you had a massive clear out and you didn’t know what to do with the all the stuff you collected? It would probably find its way back to where it came from. Its always good to have an idea as to what you are going to do with the stuff you are ready to let go of. You can always donate things to charity shops. Maybe even to the homeless people (there’s definitely a rise of homelessness). You could even sell your items on Ebay or Depop? Even Facebook? Recycle! Recycle things that are recyclable! Let them be used again! You could find a local car boot sale, and potentially go sell there? I mean these are all ways of decluttering and some could even help you get a few ££s. Have a look around you. List the things you don’t wish to keep anymore (make sure they’re your things 😀 we don’t want you throwing other peoples valuables out) and put them aside. once you’ve gathered everything, take the necessary steps to get rid of them.

8. Stay Away from Bargains

Yes, you read that correctly! Stay away from bargains! I say this because you’ve spent your good energy trying to get rid of clutter around the house, are you really going to put all that effort down the drain because you seen something on sale? I mean if you need something, fair enough. But not because its on sale. Thats not a good enough reason for an organised person. If you are organised you would already have a list of things you need and if they are for sale somewhere, then honey, drop everything and go get it. If not, theres no point in getting something thats only going to clutter up your space again and make you spend those ££s that you worked so hard to gain.

9. Delegate Responsibilities

Just because you’re an organised person, it doesn’t mean you are overfilled with responsibilities, deadlines and meetings. In fact, I believe you would have less responsibilities as the things that cause stress would have already been organised. By this I mean if you have scheduled your meetings, responsibilities and deadlines, you would not be worried about what is next. If you have a to-do list, look through it. If you do not, create one and have a quick read. Once you’ve looked through your to-do list, find the things you can get done or let somebody else handle it. I don’t mean give your whole to-do list to somebody else, but delegating things that you cannot do or find difficult to do, could be better to give to somebody else who knows what to do. This should help release any stress that you may have and allow you to focus on other things more efficiently.

10. Work Hard

There is nothing wrong with putting in the effort. In fact, I say go all in! Work hard. Make your dreams become a reality. but don’t put your effort in all the wrong places, look and focus on the things that are important. That will help you and your work grow. once you’ve made your schedule and delegated responsibilities, the ball is in your court. its time for you to ‘knock it out the park’. Make it work for yourself. but remember your organisation skills in the process. Recognise when things are becoming a mess and fix it instantly. Having your surroundings clear and clutter-free you can focus your energy a lot more efficiently. When you feel like giving up, look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘not today, today is my time to shine’ and work harder. Remember your ‘Why’. Why is it so important that you do this task? that you stay focused? and with that you move forward. You track the changes and soldier on.

Having said all that, have fun. Smile. Enjoy the process. You’ve got very limited time on this planet, work hard for yourself, but also give in to the treasures of this world. There’s plenty. I hope this post helped at least one of you. Let me know what you think in the comments below, or maybe even suggestions for next time! (:

“Nothing In Life Is To Be Feared, It Is Only To Be Understood. Now Is The Time To Understand More, So That We May Fear Less” -Marie Curie


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